Have you been thinking about taking a well-deserved vacation? Interested in teaching your children the value of savings? Maybe you need a way to save for tax payments or an unexpected expense, should it arise. It’s never too late to start saving for your goals and for financial peace of mind.

  Youth Savings Statement Savings
  A fun way for kids under 13 to start saving Start saving for emergencies or a specific goal.  Ideal for lower balances.
Minimum to Open $10 $50
Minimum to Avoid Maintenance Fee N/A Daily ledger balance of $100 or more. 
Maintenance Fee N/A $10 per quarter if daily ledger balance is not maintained.
Earns Interest Earn interest with a daily ledger balance of $100 or more Earn interest with a daily ledger balance of $100 or more
Check Access N/A   N/A 

Additional savings options:

For added security, consider signing up for BSNB’s Savings Overdraft Transfer services. If you need to cover an accidental overdraft in your checking account, BSNB will automatically transfer available funds in your savings account.  Learn more

Which account is best for me?
While a savings account is a great way to plan for shorter-term opportunities and emergencies, you may also want to consider a money market account or certificate of deposit.   Money markets are a good choice for longer-term savings goals and earn higher interest rates while certificates of deposit provide security with a fixed rate for the term of your certificate. 

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For more information on how to open a savings account, please call Customer Service at (518) 885-6781, visit any BSNB location or send us a Secure Email.


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Banking on the Go services, such as online and mobile banking, make reachng your savings goals easier than ever!

Visit BSNB's Better U Financial Education Program to learn more.