While you may already be familiar with the products and services that BSNB can provide to your business, did you know that we also supply you with a package of valuable banking services for you to offer your employees? The Welcome Rewards package is designed to provide you or your employees with rewards when you open a new personal checking account at BSNB.

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Because the package features direct deposit of a payroll or other recurring check, there are many benefits to you, the business owner:

  • Save time and money when you use direct deposit services for your payroll
  • Fewer checks to buy, less postage
  • Decreased need to print and sign checks
  • Simplify account reconcilement and check disbursement
  • Increase employee loyalty by providing access to valuable financial services

Your employees benefit as well:

  • Direct Deposit of paychecks means no more trips to the bank each payday
  • Personal service from local bank employees
  • Cash rewards for banking at BSNB plus discounted services.

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For more information, please call your commercial relationship manager, Customer Service at (518) 885-6781 or a relationship manager at any BSNB location.