A BSNB Debit MasterCard® offers you 24 hour banking and purchasing options coupled with convenience and safety. By arming yourself and your designated employees with a debit card, you simplify expense tracking and reduce the need to carry cash.

How does a debit card work?

  • Use your card to make purchases and have the funds automatically deducted from your checking account
  • Cards are also accepted at millions of locations and over 900,000 ATMs worldwide
  • Issue cards with no annual fee to employees
  • Set daily cash withdrawals and purchase limits for each card

Why should you choose BSNB for your debit card? 

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  • BSNB is part of the Allpoint Network. That means our cardholders have access to 55,000 surcharge-free ATMs, worldwide.

  • Achieve more control over your spending
  • Reduce the need for petty cash and simplify expense tracking 
  • Write fewer checks
  • Make purchases where checks are not accepted – including online merchants
  • BSNB cards are chip-enabled, providing extra security when used at chip-enabled terminals
  • BSNB uses SecurLOCK Communicate to provide you with real-time messages for faster fraud identification when a suspicious transaction occurs

Get Started

For more information, please call Customer Service at (518) 885-6781.

To request a debit card, visit any BSNB location.

Important Phone Numbers:

To report a lost or stolen debit card during business hours, please call (518) 885-6781.

If you need to report a lost or stolen debit card during non-business hours, please call 1-800-500-1044.