As you accumulate wealth, it can be a challenge to stay on top of the bigger picture. With a custodial account*, BSNB Wealth Management Solutions will help you organize your existing investments so that you can view all of them from one convenient monthly statement.

What is a custodial account?

Custodial accounts hold all of the assets that you designate, including cash, CDs, stocks and bonds. BSNB provides a consolidated monthly statement and handles the record keeping so that you don’t have to worry about the administrative aspects of your accounts.

Who would benefit from a custodial account?

If you have investments spread over multiple channels and prefer to make your own investment decisions, you may benefit from opening a custodial account.  Likewise, if you have recently acquired a diversity of assets from an inheritance, placing the investments in a custodial account may help you better manage the entire relationship.

What can BSNB do on my behalf as custodian? 

As custodian, BSNB will provide many services, including: 

  • Consolidation of current assets
  • Record keeping of dividends, interest and capital changes
  • Investment changes upon your direction
  • Bill payment upon your direction
  • Guidance on tax reporting   

If you would prefer investment advice for your assets, BSNB also offers Investment and Asset Management Services. No matter what your needs, our seasoned team of professionals is ready to assist you with the level of support that your unique situation requires. 

No Bank Guarantee

Not FDIC Insured

Not a Deposit

Not Insured By Any Federal Government Agency

May Lose Value including Loss of Principal

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